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Installing Ceiling Insulation is a cost-effective way to retain heat inside your home and contribute to a healthier living environment. In other words, ceiling insulation makes your home warmer and drier which reduces your exposure to damp, unhealthy air.  Learn more about ceiling insulation.
Total House can conduct a thorough Healthy Homes Assessment to identify any work that needs doing for your rental to get the stamp of approval. One of our professionals will come to your home and assess how warm, dry, and healthy it is. Learn more about Healthy Homes Assessments.

Underfloor Insulation can be installed in houses that have suspended floors or a cavity underneath. In fact, underfloor insulation helps reduce draughts and dampness in the house. Learn more about underfloor insulation.

Wall Insulation makes a huge difference in the comfort and warmth of your house. Are you planning to renovate your house? Great, it’s just the right time to get your wall insulation done. Learn more about wall insulation.

Many New Zealand houses would benefit from moisture barrier (vapour barrier) installations. Moreover, Healthy Homes Standards require you to put a ground moisture barrier in place for all rentals with an enclosed subfloor space. Learn more about the ground moisture barrier.

We have the right gear, knowledge, and products for any commercial project, so we install insulation in warehouses, offices, retail, manufacturing etc. We install our commercial insulation products according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Learn more about commercial property insulation.

Slowly but steadily, New Zealand is catching up to the idea that a warm and dry home is not a luxury. Therefore, getting the insulation of your new home right the first time around should be high on the priority list. Learn more about new house insulation.


Trust your home insulation to the experts at Total House.
The team members at Total House are committed to giving you a warmer, drier and more energy-efficient house. So, high-quality insulation installation and great customer service are our top priorities. Have a chat with our Auckland or Wellington team to check the insulation costs for your project.