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Ceiling Insulation

The most cost-effective way to retain heat in your home is by installing ceiling and underfloor insulation.

Did you know a house loses up to 35% of its heat or cooling through the ceiling?  That’s over one third!  The solution? You could snuggle up in a blanket (It’s what we’ve been doing for years and years)… OR you could put the blanket around your home. Bang for buck, the cost savings from ceiling insulation are more than worth the investment.

But it doesn’t stop there!

We know your family means the world to you. Nobody wants a wheezing, coughing loved one with a tight chest. We won’t mention the trip to A&E. Especially not if the solutions can be as simple as a ceiling insulation blanket.  Ceiling insulation also makes your home warmer, drier, and healthier. And you can say goodbye to mould.

Sadly, many of the pre-2000 houses in Aotearoa are so bad with attic insulation,  they perform well below the WHO minimum temperature recommendations.

For most existing houses, roof insulation installation is a piece of cake. You may even be entitled to a government subsidy.  But even if you don’t, with our competitive pricing you get top value for your hard-earned dollars. That should make ceiling insulation a no-brainer in our book.

Installing ceiling and underfloor insulation is one the easiest and most cost-effective ways to retain heat inside your home and contributes to a healthier living environment. Insulation makes your home warmer and drier which reduces your family’s exposure to damp, unhealthy air. It also means less illness from respiratory complaints.


Trust your ceiling insulation to the experts at Total House.
The team members at Total House are committed to giving you a warmer, drier and more energy-efficient house, so high-quality ceiling insulation is just part of the range of services we offer.
If you are considering ceiling insulation, have a chat with our Auckland or Wellington team about how we can help you.

Insulation product suppliers

Correctly installed insulation enables you to potentially save up to $400 per year by using 50% less energy to heat your home. All our product brands are chosen for their quality and are fire resistant, moisture resistant, reduce allergies and come with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty. Total House installs home insulation from a number of leading insulation suppliers including:

Bradford Insulation

High-quality glasswool underfloor and ceiling insulation that comes in a variety of R-values. Softer fibres reduce irritation when handling and fine fibres ensure equal distribution for better coverage.


New Zealand made polyester insulation including fibres made from recycled plastic bottles. Mammoth insulation is made from the same products as pillows and duvets. Ceiling blankets cover the entire area including joints.


Glasswool insulation made from recycled glass bottles and natural products including bio-based product bonding with no artificial dyes or added chemicals.


Made in New Zealand partly from recycled plastic, Greenstuf is suitable for asthma sufferers and has been accepted as a suitable product by Asthma New Zealand.